Monday, November 21, 2022

Watch Live: President Biden Pardons Turkeys Chocolate And Chip

 The holiday season hit the White House and on November 21, 2022, President Joe Biden met with onlookers in the White House South Lawn, just one day after celebrating his 80th birthday. The east coast has suffered an early winter and President Biden promised not to keep those gathered out in the cold for too long. He greeted several groups of students who witnessed what's become a longstanding, national Thanksgiving tradition before issuing his proclamation of pardon.

Two turkeys received the bountiful blessing and would be spared becoming Thanksiving dinner. There names are Chocolate and Chip and the turkeys even echoed President Biden's speech with a spontaneous "gobble gobble."

President Biden stated the following.

Now, based on their temperament and commitment to being productive members of society, I hereby pardon. I hereby pardon Chocolate and Chip.

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You may see the live video stream of President Biden pardoning Chocolate and Chip in the player below. here

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