Walking Channels consists of original articles and curated lists of videos featuring walking tours and live streams made by their respective owners. Walking Channels does not own or have copyrights to the included videos and encourages all readers to visit, like, and subscribe to each YouTube creator who has spent their time, energy, and often heavy monetary investments to ensure the success of their channels.

As someone who lives with physical challenges, I enjoy walking streams and being able to see the world virtually as it is highly unlikely I will be able to share these experiences in person. This blog is my way of sharing my favorite YouTube videos and streams so that you won't have to waste your time looking through content while missing out on the best!

Please do not assume a YouTube creator endorses this blog as this is simply a blog of my favorite YouTubers who provide virtual streams and walking tours.

If you are a YouTube creator and would like your walking channel featured on this site, please send an email to admin@walkingchannels.com

God bless you!

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